The «Pystacia» raster image manipulation library

Pystacia is a new image manipulation library born out of practical needs. It’s simple, it’s cross-platform, runs on Python 2.5+, 3.x, PyPy and IronPython. It’s compact but still appropriate for most of your day to day image handling tasks. Pystacia leverages powerful ImageMagick library as a back-end exposing easily comprehensible Pythonic API.

Here is one of the simplest code snippets showing what you can do with it:

import pystacia

image ='example.png')

image.rescale(320, 240)

# free acquired resources

When saved to, the above script can be run via:

$ pip install pystacia
$ python

Provided you have file example.png in the same directory it would output version of the file which would be scaled to 320╳240 pixels and rotated by 30 degrees. It would also display it in your default system image viewing program.

Reference Material

Reference material includes documentation for Pystacia API.

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